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Medical Presentation Coaching

Our service is designed to help healthcare professionals deliver impactful presentations in English with confidence and clarity. This comprehensive program focuses on language proficiency, presentation skills, and content creation, tailored to your specific needs and professional or academic field. 


Language Proficiency Coaching

We assess your English language skills and provide targeted coaching to improve pronunciation and fluency, ensuring your presentation is delivered smoothly and understood by all your audience.


Presentation Scripting

We work with you slide-by-slide to redact or rephrase your existing content, leveraging AI technology to ensure field-specific vocabulary and terminology are accurately used.


Pronunciation Practice

We provide a recorded audio version of your presentation script, which you can listen to at your convenience for familiarization and practice.


Visual & Audio Enhancement

Tailored to your needs, we offer support in crafting compelling presentation slides, infographics, and other visual aids. We can also produce or edit video components, and provide professional voiceover services if required.


Q&A Preparation

We help you anticipate and prepare responses to potential questions that may arise during your presentation, leveraging AI technology to ensure comprehensive coverage of possible inquiries.


Alejandro Fuentes

Alejandro is a seasoned language instructor with over a decade of experience teaching English to healthcare professionals and academics. He has specialized in leveraging technology to enhance language instruction, making him uniquely suited to assist in the creation of dynamic, engaging presentations.

Recognized as a pioneer in utilizing virtual reality for English learning, Alejandro was the first in Latin America to offer formal courses in the metaverse. His innovative approach to education allows him to provide tailored support to his clients, whether they're designing compelling presentation slides or crafting engaging scripts.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Alejandro enjoys reading science fiction, drawing, and spending quality time with his pets. His creativity and passion for technology make him a formidable ally in any professional or academic venture.

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How Our Service Works

Navigating the challenges of delivering an impactful presentation in a foreign language can be daunting. That's where we step in. Our comprehensive yet flexible service is designed to meet your unique needs and elevate your international presentation skills to new heights. The process outlined below provides a general framework of how we operate, but keep in mind that it is highly adaptable to accommodate each client's specific requirements.



Our priority is to provide a service that effectively meets your presentation needs, whether that involves focusing on certain steps more than others, or incorporating additional services. We're here to help you deliver a powerful, fluent, and confident presentation on any international stage. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a personalized quote. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to international presentation success!



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Let's take the first step together. Schedule a video call with us to discuss your project, assess your English proficiency, and identify any other unique requirements for your international presentation. After this meeting, we will prepare a tailored proposal for you, complete with a project timeline and quote. We're excited to support you in delivering a powerful presentation that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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Note: Some of these testimonials have been translated from Spanish


I am extremely pleased with the visual work that MdLanguage produced to accompany my presentation about a complex clinical case that required showing video sequences with explanatory texts. The files were delivered in a very lightweight format, with cloud backup for easy access. The result was highly professional and impressed both colleagues and organizers. I received many compliments and will be able to use this material for multiple projects. 5 stars!"

- Marcelo, Concepción, Chile.

Alejandro guided me step by step in the creation of an excellent script for my presentation at an international conference. I appreciate his dedication to understanding my specialty and my research work so he could provide the best support. In addition, we worked on improving my pronunciation and fluency, focusing on my most persistent errors. Thanks to all of this, I was able to take the stage with confidence and give my best during the presentation."

- Antonio, Bogotá, Colombia.

I am very grateful for Alejandro's support in preparing my presentation. He accompanied me throughout the whole process, from submitting my work to the conference, through PowerPoint design and speech preparation, to practicing potential questions I might be asked after the presentation. Excellent service."

- Mariana, Santiago, Chile.

Discover Our Free Resources

Gain valuable insights and practical tips from our specially curated resources. Whether you're new to international presentations or looking to refine your skills, these free video-lessons from our English for Health Professionals Courses can help you make a stronger impact in your audience.

How to Make an Engaging Clinical Case Report

This video from our English for Health Professionals course provides key tips and strategies for creating compelling clinical case reports. Whether you're presenting your case report to colleagues, at a conference, or in a formal healthcare setting, these insights can help you effectively engage your audience.


Mastering Visual Aids: The Power of Graphic Support in Presentations

Visual aids can make or break a presentation. They can clarify complex information, enhance your message, and keep your audience engaged. But not all visual aids are created equal. In this video lesson, we dive deep into the different types of visual aids, such as diagrams, charts, and cross-sections, exploring their unique strengths and when to use each style to captivate your audience.

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